Friday, 27 April 2018

How To Neutralize Bad Karma?

First of all, what is karma?  Karma denotes a person's actions both good and bad in this birth and also in previous births. The soul carries the karma along with it in each birth. A person will have a blessed future life if his past actions were noble and meritorious. On the contrary he will have a miserable life full of problems if his past deeds were wicked or sinful. So it is actually a cause and effect phenomena. All religions in the world proclaim the same concept in different ways. Newton's third law of motion also states  "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." The law of the universe also highlights the same concept based on the cause and effect theory.  According to vedic astrology the planet saturn is the great karmic judge who will ensure that everyone gets what they deserve according to their past actions. Nobody can escape the dreaded clutches of saturn if they have done wicked or sinful deeds in the past either in this life itself or in previous lives. How to know from the horoscope whether a person has good or bad karma in each area of life? In vedic astrology it depends on the strength of each house and the dignity of the ruler of each house. For the same person the karmic balance may vary in different areas of life based on his or her past deeds in that area of life. Hence a holistic view of the entire horoscope has to be taken to ascertain it. Now the main question which arises in everyone's mind is  how to erase or undo the previous bad karma?  Actually it is not possible to suddenly erase all the bad karma which has been accumulated over a long period. But it is possible to offset the bad karma by doing good karma. The previous bad karma can be neutralized by doing meritorious deeds such as charity, philanthropic work, helping the poor or handicapped or elderly people etc. In fact, doing good deeds are much more effective in dissolving previous bad karma than any ritual or gemstone or amulet therapy. The law of the universe also states that the good deeds done by a person will result in good things happening to that person in indirect ways. It is also necessary to stop doing further wicked or sinful acts to dissolve the bad karma. Sometimes negative karma will be caused even by minor sins such being angry or rude or unfair to a person. Eating non-vegetarian food can also cause negative karma because an animal is butchered in a brutal manner for it's meat.  Hence it is possible to neutralize bad karma to a great extent by refraining from all evil and immoral and sinful activities and by doing more humanitarian and philanthropic activities.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Three Most Important Things In Life

What does everyone want in this life? What are the most essential things in life?The three most important things in life are health, wealth and happiness. If anyone has these three things in good proportion then he or she can be called a blessed person. Anyone with a  balanced life should have these three blessings in the right proportion. The real truth is that too less of one and too much of another thing will not result in a happy and successful life. If a man is very rich but has poor health and has to visit the doctor frequently or get hospitalized frequently then his life is not really a blessed life.  On the other hand if one has good health but has no money to even feed himself and his wife and children three times a day then it is a very sad situation and he cannot be called a successful man at all. What if a man has good health and is also very rich but has no happiness and peace of mind due to his own self-undoing or his own unlawful activities or due to his enemies? Such a man will be in a pathetic condition because he will not be able to enjoy his health and wealth properly. Criminals and people who are hiding from the law are in this pathetic condition without any peace of mind and unable to enjoy anything. According to vedic astrology health can be assessed from the condition of the first house and the sixth house. Wealth and income can be assessed from the  second house and the eleventh house. Social status can be assessed from the tenth house in the horoscope. Having too much of something and too less of another essential thing in life is a pathetic situation. What if someone is very rich and famous but has a short life span?  It means he is actually unfortunate though he had riches in life. Hence a really blessed person is one who has a well balanced horoscope with all the essential things in life namely health, wealth and happiness in the right proportion.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Stars Impel But They Do Not Compel

The stars impel but do not compel. It means that the stars and planets create certain circumstances and opportunities in human life to cause the final effect. It may be a good or bad result or outcome. For example the stars may make a person drive hastily and rashly on a certain day or create a situation which may result in an accident on the road. But the final outcome is not dictated by the stars and planets always because everyone has a free will. If a situation arises on the road which may lead to an accident then it can still be avoided by the motorist by driving carefully with patience. This is where the free will becomes significant. Hence the stars only provoke us or create some circumstances but the outcome can be changed to some extent by being prudent and sensible. In essence the stars control 75% of one's destiny but the remaining 25% is in one's own hands. This is also true for good incidents and good opportunities in life. For example if there is a lucky period in one's life due to the planetary positions at that time then the person has to capitalize on that and achieve big things during that lucky period. It means that one has to put some effort and look for opportunities, start a new project or a new business or even go and buy a lottery ticket during that lucky time to achieve his objectives. If one does not put any effort and do anything using his free will during that lucky time then he will not achieve anything and the lucky time will just pass on. The stars and planets will only provide the opportunities and circumstances both for good and bad incidents according to the divine plan but human beings can use their own free will to finally achieve the results. How can a lucky person win the lottery if he does not even go and purchase the lottery ticket during his lucky time?  How can a student pass the exam if he does not prepare well at all and only relies on his luck?   It is only possible to achieve great things in life with luck and effort together.  This shows that both for good and bad events the stars control 75% of one's destiny but the remaining 25% is in one's own hands.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Benefits Of Astrology

Astrology is a time-tested science which can be used to get good insights into your future. It will help you to foresee your destiny and shape your future by capitalizing on your gifts and talents. Astrology is like a light which can guide you in the darkness. Without astrology it is impossible to know in advance about your future. Knowing in advance about your future will help you to make necessary preparations and also take  precautions to avoid the pitfalls in life. This is precisely the reason why astrology is sought by many celebrities, scholars, enterpreneurs and other elite people in the society. Astrology will guide you and  help you to be in the right place at the right time and ensure your success.

Monday, 9 April 2018

What Is Success In Life?

What is success in human life? How to measure success? Will I be successful in my business or financial matters or legal disputes? These are the questions asked by everyone today. Actually, it is complicated to exactly define success in life. What if a man works very hard and amasses huge amount of money but loses his health and peace of mind? What if a man has good health but lives in poverty? Both these categories of people cannot be called successful in life. If a man has all the essential things in life in good  measure then he is deemed to be successful. In other words a man who is happy and contented with what he has can also be called successful. Happiness is a key factor which indicates success in life. There are so many people in this day and age who have lots of money but no peace  of mind and happiness. Some people go through hell in life because of marrying the wrong person. Definitely such people cannot be called successful in life.  

From an astrological perspective success in various aspects of life can be seen from the strength of each house in the horoscope. Overall success in life can be assessed from the first house. Success in financial matters can be assessed from the second and eleventh house. Success in marriage can be assessed from the seventh house in the horoscope. Success in competitions,disputes and litigations can be assessed from the sixth house in the horoscope. Success in career and social status can be assessed from the tenth house. If a person has these essential things in life then he will most probably be happy and contented in life. Such a person is  considered to be successful in life. In some rare cases people who are blessed with all the essential things in life are still not satisfied with what they have because of greed or lust or too much ambition or other mental disorders. In astrology these mental disorders occur due to a weak or afflicted moon or rahu or the twelfth house. Such people also cannot be considered as successful in life.  On the other hand there are many people who have moderate amount of money and  only few friends but still quite happy and contented with what they have. They are the really successful people in life.  In the end happiness is only the highest level of success in life!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Transit of Saturn and Mars

Both saturn and mars are transiting in the sign sagittarius now. This is a very significant transit because two of the most malefic and powerful planets are transiting in the same sign. This transit will cause financial loss, legal problems, severe mental agony, health problems or even accidents and hospitalization for people with makara lagna (capricorn ascendant) and vrishaba lagna (taurus ascendant). For aquarius and libra ascendants it will be a profitable period resulting in financial gains, powerful friendships and success in all matters.