Friday, 27 April 2018

How To Neutralize Bad Karma?

First of all, what is karma?  Karma denotes a person's actions both good and bad in this birth and also in previous births. The soul carries the karma along with it in each birth. A person will have a blessed future life if his past actions were noble and meritorious. On the contrary he will have a miserable life full of problems if his past deeds were wicked or sinful. So it is actually a cause and effect phenomena. All religions in the world proclaim the same concept in different ways. Newton's third law of motion also states  "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." The law of the universe also highlights the same concept based on the cause and effect theory.  According to vedic astrology the planet saturn is the great karmic judge who will ensure that everyone gets what they deserve according to their past actions. Nobody can escape the dreaded clutches of saturn if they have done wicked or sinful deeds in the past either in this life itself or in previous lives. How to know from the horoscope whether a person has good or bad karma in each area of life? In vedic astrology it depends on the strength of each house and the dignity of the ruler of each house. For the same person the karmic balance may vary in different areas of life based on his or her past deeds in that area of life. Hence a holistic view of the entire horoscope has to be taken to ascertain it. Now the main question which arises in everyone's mind is  how to erase or undo the previous bad karma?  Actually it is not possible to suddenly erase all the bad karma which has been accumulated over a long period. But it is possible to offset the bad karma by doing good karma. The previous bad karma can be neutralized by doing meritorious deeds such as charity, philanthropic work, helping the poor or handicapped or elderly people etc. In fact, doing good deeds are much more effective in dissolving previous bad karma than any ritual or gemstone or amulet therapy. The law of the universe also states that the good deeds done by a person will result in good things happening to that person in indirect ways. It is also necessary to stop doing further wicked or sinful acts to dissolve the bad karma. Sometimes negative karma will be caused even by minor sins such being angry or rude or unfair to a person. Eating non-vegetarian food can also cause negative karma because an animal is butchered in a brutal manner for it's meat.  Hence it is possible to neutralize bad karma to a great extent by refraining from all evil and immoral and sinful activities and by doing more humanitarian and philanthropic activities.

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