Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Stars Impel But They Do Not Compel

The stars impel but do not compel. It means that the stars and planets create certain circumstances and opportunities in human life to cause the final effect. It may be a good or bad result or outcome. For example the stars may make a person drive hastily and rashly on a certain day or create a situation which may result in an accident on the road. But the final outcome is not dictated by the stars and planets always because everyone has a free will. If a situation arises on the road which may lead to an accident then it can still be avoided by the motorist by driving carefully with patience. This is where the free will becomes significant. Hence the stars only provoke us or create some circumstances but the outcome can be changed to some extent by being prudent and sensible. In essence the stars control 75% of one's destiny but the remaining 25% is in one's own hands. This is also true for good incidents and good opportunities in life. For example if there is a lucky period in one's life due to the planetary positions at that time then the person has to capitalize on that and achieve big things during that lucky period. It means that one has to put some effort and look for opportunities, start a new project or a new business or even go and buy a lottery ticket during that lucky time to achieve his objectives. If one does not put any effort and do anything using his free will during that lucky time then he will not achieve anything and the lucky time will just pass on. The stars and planets will only provide the opportunities and circumstances both for good and bad incidents according to the divine plan but human beings can use their own free will to finally achieve the results. How can a lucky person win the lottery if he does not even go and purchase the lottery ticket during his lucky time?  How can a student pass the exam if he does not prepare well at all and only relies on his luck?   It is only possible to achieve great things in life with luck and effort together.  This shows that both for good and bad events the stars control 75% of one's destiny but the remaining 25% is in one's own hands.

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