Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Three Most Important Things In Life

What does everyone want in this life? What are the most essential things in life?The three most important things in life are health, wealth and happiness. If anyone has these three things in good proportion then he or she can be called a blessed person. Anyone with a  balanced life should have these three blessings in the right proportion. The real truth is that too less of one and too much of another thing will not result in a happy and successful life. If a man is very rich but has poor health and has to visit the doctor frequently or get hospitalized frequently then his life is not really a blessed life.  On the other hand if one has good health but has no money to even feed himself and his wife and children three times a day then it is a very sad situation and he cannot be called a successful man at all. What if a man has good health and is also very rich but has no happiness and peace of mind due to his own self-undoing or his own unlawful activities or due to his enemies? Such a man will be in a pathetic condition because he will not be able to enjoy his health and wealth properly. Criminals and people who are hiding from the law are in this pathetic condition without any peace of mind and unable to enjoy anything. According to vedic astrology health can be assessed from the condition of the first house and the sixth house. Wealth and income can be assessed from the  second house and the eleventh house. Social status can be assessed from the tenth house in the horoscope. Having too much of something and too less of another essential thing in life is a pathetic situation. What if someone is very rich and famous but has a short life span?  It means he is actually unfortunate though he had riches in life. Hence a really blessed person is one who has a well balanced horoscope with all the essential things in life namely health, wealth and happiness in the right proportion.

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