Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Will You Be Rich In This Life?

How to evaluate your wealth potential from your horoscope? Will you be very rich or moderately rich or poor in this life? Is it possible to acquire huge amount of wealth in the later stage of life? If so, in what way? These are the questions which are asked by everyone today because most people wish to improve their financial condition and live a luxurious life. In today's world money can buy almost everything except health and happiness. Even health and happiness can be definitely improved with the help of money. The four main goals in human life are Dharma(duty), Artha(wealth), Kama(desire) and Moksha(spirituality).  Financial prosperity is also one of the four main goals. So financial prosperity is a crucial thing in human life.  According to astrology the financial prosperity of a person can be assessed by checking the strength of certain houses in the horoscope.  These are the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th and 11th houses.  The 2nd house signifies earned income, jewellery, bank balance, cash and other liquid assets. The 5th house signifies purva punya or the blessings that are obtained due to meritorious deeds in past lives. The 5th house also indicates money obtained through stock market, speculation, foreign exchange, gambling and lotteries. The 8th house indicates the wealth obtained through inheritance. It also includes other people's money obtained in some manner such as a court settlement, divorce settlement, alimony or getting some property or money through insurance, wills and testaments. The 9th house indicates luck. Without luck it will not be possible to get huge amounts of money suddenly. The 11th house denotes huge incomes and gains from many sources and it also indicates whether one's hopes and wishes regarding financial matters will materialize or not in this life. In order to check the strength of any house it is necessary to check the strength and dignity of the lord of the house and also the strength and dignity of the planets which are present in the house. Among the planets, the greatest benefic planet is jupiter and it is also the main significator of wealth in the horoscope. Anyone with a prominent jupiter in the horoscope will be able to earn money in an ethical manner without breaking the law. On the other hand if money is bestowed on a person by malefic planets such rahu,ketu,saturn or mars then that money may be obtained through some unconventional or immoral or illegal ways or in some cases that money may also be obtained by corruption and bribery.  Among the malefic planets rahu is the most materialistic planet and it can sometimes give huge amount of wealth if it is under the influence of strong benefics like jupiter or venus. In some cases the wealth given by rahu may be due to gambling or horse racing or lotteries which are considered as vices but they are perfectly legal ways of earning money. In few other cases rahu may bestow huge wealth as a result of  doing fraudulent activities or smuggling or money laundering which are actually illegal  and hence the money obtained through these ways will not last long. Anyone who acquires wealth through illegal ways due to the influence of rahu,ketu,saturn and mars will lose their reputation in the society and  be imprisoned and the entire money acquired in such a manner will also be forfeited. On the positive side, a strong 7th house in the horoscope indicates success in business and the 10th house indicates success in career. The lagna or ascendant and the ruler of the ascendant also has to be strong and well placed to achieve success in any area of life. Now the final question in everyone's mind will be "When will I get that huge amount of money?"   First of all, the huge financial blessing has to be clearly indicated in the birth chart of the person which is called the natal promise. Secondly  the appropriate dasha(major period) and bhukti(minor period) of the wealth giving planets must be running and those planets has to be transiting in benefic houses with dignity at the same time for all the financial blessings to really materialize in one's life at some point in time.

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